launch of nY41 at podium perdu on friday dec 13th


we are very honored and happy to announce that our guests for this presentation are poets and contributors bhanu kapil and dolores dorantes (present through video contribution), artist-dancer miri lee and composer kate moore, costume margaret wibmer.

Bhanu Kapil is a British writer, of Indian origin, who has lived in the U.S. permanently since 1998. This permanence is about to be reversed. Kapil is the author of five books of poetry. Two books forthcoming this year are How To Wash A Heart (Pavilion Poetry, UK) and a new edition of Incubation: a space for monsters (Kelsey Street Press, USA). Website

Dolores Dorantes is a Mexican poet, journalist, holistic therapist and writer living under political asylum in the US. She has published ten books of poetry and prose, most recently The River/El Río (2018), a collaboration with the photographer Zoe Leonard; Copy-Copia (2018); Style/Estilo (2015 engish version, Spanish version: 2011); and, Intervenir/Intervene (2015). Her work has been translated into English, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Slovenian, Bengali, and Swedish. Dorantes is an Acharya (Master) in the Mahajrya Buddhist tradition. She is also a performer and bookseller working out of her mobile bookstore Librería Feminista, the organization Cielo Portátil (for a free education) and Bhumi (mind-body-soul). Read the article on Dorantes’ work here

Dolores Dorantes will present a video contribution

Miri Lee is a choreographer and real-time performer who works with in the realms of visual art, music, science, art, and theater performance. She initiated a real-time performance platform called Collectief Impography based in Amsterdam in 2018. Her interests lie in the unknown being composed by intuitive choices and the embodiment of momentary images through the interaction of language, light, sound, and visual objects, and to activate images through the spiritual abstraction of the performers. Website

Miri Lee will be wearing a costume designed by Margret Wibmer. Wibmer (born in Lienz, Austria) combines found objects, bodies, materials and spaces that are not obviously related to each other and constructs a “new world.” Her performances, photographic works and sculptures reference the diversity of cultural systems, opening up new geographical and transnational spaces, questioning Eurocentric systems of knowledge and representation.

Kate Moore is an Internationally acclaimed composer. In 2017 she was awarded the prestigious The Matthijs Vermeulen Prize. Her works are performed by among others Asko|Schönberg, Slagwerk Den Haag, Ensemble Offspring, The Australian String Quartet and The Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2018/ 19 she was Zielsverwanten composer in residence at The Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ.

gratitude to all presses involved: nightboat books, nyu press, kenning editions and counterpath press, uitgeverij perdu, wereldbibliotheek, singel uitgeverijen and de geus. gratitude to perdu and all nY editors.